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Walking on the path to personal power

Are you looking to reduce and release sticky toxic residues from past experiences of trauma and wounding?

Are you looking for a more meaningful, fulfilling and joyful experience of life?

Do you wish to transform your life experience through your inner power, and would appreciate a guiding hand, a support group and sustained coaching and mentoring in the process?

If you resonate with these questions, then Usha’s Self-Mastery Project I is THE program for you.

The Self-Mastery Project is a tangibly transformative process at all levels of one’s being. It is an intense engagement with the Self at the level of mind, body, energy and soul over a period of 12 months with the same team of teachers and facilitators, lead by Master Usha herself. It is a process of deep inner work deploying a diverse multi-disciplinary curriculum, combining psycho-spiritual work, fundamental metaphysics concepts, process work, and body work.

Self-Mastery Project 1 is composed of 12 seminars and retreats, carefully designed and tested, supported by a full-year program of yoga practice following the Krishnamacharaya tradition, covering a total of 500 hours by way of teaching, direct personal coaching, group reflections, online studies and discussions, self-work. It is a commitment to deep inner work, within a closed group guided by the same facilitator and mentors, which provides the unique advantage of continuity and sustained focus not currently offered by available programs of inner work in the region.

The program usually starts in January of every year, and ends in December, denoting a full transformative year of participants’ lives. Honoring participant’s trust and commitment to the process, the program has been priced at a flat 40% discount on all elements compared to their price if taken individually. A group of 25 participants have just crossed the finish line of the most recent round of Self-Mastery-Project 1 2022 in Dubai and India. They have courageously walked this path to their personal power with Usha and graduated in December 2022.

Self-Mastery Project I – 2023 will commence on April 25th, 2023. Registration is open until March 15th, 2023.

Full program details are in the sections below.

Self-mastery is essentially power to work with one’s mind…

  • power to dismantle self-defeating habits
  • power to create new self-affirming habits
  • power to overrule the clamoring of the dysfunctional aspects of the ego and listen to the voice of the heart or deeper self.


Obviously, the path to reaching these objectives is a very challenging one, that’s why it is best pursued as a collaborative effort combining the energies of like-minded individuals who are all equally invested in the endeavor, binding one another in a commitment to the process. Thus, the advantage of a full year program with an intimate group of study-mates.

Meanwhile, self-mastery as a path has no end. There is no finish line, where anyone would reach and say: “I am a Self-Master. I have mastered my Self and I am done.” However, in this project we have combined a wide range of deeply transformative modules that address every level of one’s being in an effort to first encounter the Self, then work systematically on restoring balance and harmony, moving closer and closer to the authentic self where the “real gold” of our full potential is in waiting.

The purpose is to anchor the Self in a place of power in one’s life, and hence the slogan “Walking on the Path to Personal Power”.

Each of these modules expands the awareness and consciousness of its participants, and the more work they do, the more of themselves they can access and integrate, the higher their “response-ability” in their lives, and the lower their self-abandonment and victimhood.

The basic premise is that the better you know yourself, the greater agency you will have in your own life.

The program is to be rolled out throughout the year starting from April 2023 with workshops happening approximately once every month or two. This allows time for the energies to settle and a chance for reflection on the online forum and application of acquired skills and concepts.

Seminar/ WorkshopDescriptionTentative DatesMode
Program Launch Meetup The full global group of participants meets online over Zoom to get acquainted with Usha, the Yoga instructors, the mentors, and with one another. Module dates are finalized, intentions are set, and the floor is open for Q&A TBDOnline
(4 hours session)
Yoga Practice IntroductionA 2-hour interactive online session with the the Lead Yoga Instructor, Mrs. Shravi, and the local yoga instructors, who will accompany the group for the duration of a full year, to deliver the Yoga component of the Self-Mastery program. Weekly classes, with personalized work and lifestyle plans for each participant based on the Krishnamacharay tradition.TBDOnline
(2 hours session)
Anatomy of the Mind – Practical

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? What is the best that I can be?

What are the layers of the mind? How does it relate to the soul? What’s the role of the Ego in this equation? How do I master the inner dialogue in my mind?

How do I process the content that I discover in my mind? Read More


Online Pre-lectures

+ Experiential Face to Face

2 half days

 Energy Work  – Part 1

Principles and history of Reiki Healing;

5 layers of the human energy field “aura;”

Introduction to Chakras;

Receive attunement for 1st Degree Reiki (Usha’s Style) read more


Face to Face

1 full day

 Energy Work – Part 2

Receive Reiki 2nd degree attunement;

Meaning and significance of invoking and using the life force energy;

Cleansing the aura and chakras;

Distance healing training. read more



1 full day

Eternal Validity of the Soul – Metaphysics Class

An Exploration of the metaphysical dimensions of one’s identity and nature of personal reality

– to bridge the gap between a limited view of the self and the true Self

– to create a reality in keeping with one’s highest potential. read more


2 Online Classes

4 Evenings each

 Enneagram A 3-day workshop using the frame-work of the Enneagram that looks at personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature. This exploration is to enhance self-understanding, overcome negative patterns, strengthen relationships, and enable our greatest potential to emerge into fruition. TBD


4 Saturdays in a row

 Human Process Lab: Shadows An experiential learning process to become aware of behavior patterns of self and others around the theme of ‘Shadows,’ guaranteed to help improve effectiveness and satisfaction in interpersonal interactions. read moreTBD


5 Full Days each

Relationships: The Crucial GameA seminar to learn concepts and skills, both spiritual and psychological, which are fundamental to building a healthy relationship with yourself as well as the significant people in your life. read more  TBD


3 Saturdays in a row

 Critical Conversations An exploration of one’s communication style and effectiveness based on the principles of transactional analysis, with powerful and revealing experiential exercisesTBD


2 Saturdays in a row

Chakras: The Human Energy Field

An experiential workshop to understand the nature of the micro universes that exist within the self;

the range available within each;

what it means to be healthy in each;

how they interact with one another and impact the self;

how to unblock and energize them for a better life experience. read more



5 Full Days

Energy Work – Part 3 A 1-Day workshop to receive attunement for Karuna Reiki, the higher vibrations of the life force energy, and learning intent-based meditation and breathing. TBD


1 Full Day

Energy MastershipA 7-Day retreat that will complete the rising of students’ energies through very powerful meditations and the mastership attunement. Students interested to become teachers of energy work will be trained to be that.TBD

Face-to-Face full group

7 Full days

Presentation of Personal ProjectFor participants who opt for the full-year engagement, there will be a project that each student from the group will select from his/her own context at the start of the program and will work with throughout the year by applying everything they learn in real time.
A tangible definable goal will be set in the beginning in the area that they want to advance in their life. Upon graduation, students will share where they were at the start? Where they wanted to reach? And the progress they have actually made by applying what they learnt.
TBDOnline Submission 

In addition to the face-to-face study dates outlined above, participants will also be offered 2 sessions of yoga and meditation weekly as a mandatory practice  by an excellent instructor following the authentic Krishnamacharya tradition of yoga, amounting to a minimum of of 104 hours by the end of the program. This kind of sustained yoga practice offers tremendous opportunities for self-knowledge and anchoring of the new insights and skills acquired throughout the program.

Yoga sessions will be organized on a weekly basis as part of the package. Timings are to be determined and announced during the first opening module after agreement among the group. Online group calls can be organized for students who reside outside Dubai, as has been done for previous batches.

Let’s revisit the questions raised at the opening of this page and take it from there:

“Are you dealing with “sticky” inner blocks that have hindered your success and joy despite your best efforts?

Do you feel a heavy weight inside that you know is slowing you down from soaring high and “becoming” your highest potential?

Have you accumulated a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about yourself, your soul, and life that for some reason seem to remain “up there” in the mind rather than “in here”, in the body and in daily life?

If you resonate with these questions, the Self-Mastery Project I is THE program for you.”


This program is designed to bring up those parts of you that you have not claimed or processed yet, which, despite your consistent effort, could be still manifesting as an inherent lack of joy, overflowing sorrow, being over-critical of yourself and others, fluctuating levels of personal energy, and inability to move forward among other possibilities.

Unless and until those parts are claimed and processed, you may not have the energy level required to resonate with the high vibrational feelings of joy, peace, and compassion.

Without claiming and processing those aspects of yourself, you may not be anchored or centered enough to hold a space for a client, for students, or even friends and family, and thus feel burdened, overwhelmed, or even resentful towards those who seek your help.

If you have already been on the spiritual path for a while, you might have experienced ups and downs in your own consciousness, reaching the heights of awareness, only to fall back into the mundane troubles of life after a while. This potentially very frustrating process is in great part due to your exposure to higher consciousness and vibrations during workshops and healings without the systematic continuity and focus required to anchor the new knowledge or embed the new awareness at the deepest level of your being. This is one of the areas where the Self-Mastery Project can make a huge difference for you.

This program specifically tackles this necessity, as you will be receiving year-round mentoring by the program facilitator, Usha personally, to ensure the new knowledge from workshops and retreats sinks in, and that a spiritual muscle is being developed systematically. This set up also creates a platform for year-round engagement among a group of like-minded individuals walking the same path, sharing experiences and encouraging one another throughout the program not only during class time, but also outside through online sharing and discussion platform as well as the regular virtual meetings and activities.

However, none of the above will bear fruit without engaging the physical body in the process of spiritual growth. There is no spiritual work without body work. This is the root of this common feelings of “something missing” as a person advances in self awareness and spirituality. In fact, difficult emotions are stored and hidden in the body, and as long as the body is inactive the emotions are not brought up, and the person is likely to have a false sense of well-being. This program addresses this essential aspect by offering 104 hours of yoga throughout the year to ensure an even deeper level of inner integration and internal cleansing.

Considering the intense focus required and to ensure that every individual receives adequate personal attention, the number of participants from all over the world shall not exceed 25.

  • Live Seminars & Workshops (online and in person)
  • An online learning platform for pre-recorded materials and group discussions
  • Group Yoga: weekly classes will be designed to co-relate conceptual understanding with experience in the body
  • Mandatory coaching sessions with Usha to help participants process and assimilate their knowledge and insights from the inner work process
  • Book reading assignments
  • Daily Journals & Dream Journals
  • Personal Project: application of the learned knowledge and techniques to a specific area of the participant’s life, working towards a specific tangible goal
  • More than 500 hours per year of teaching, guidance and inner work
  • 12 workshops and retreats and over 104 hours of Yoga practice every year
  • A toolkit of frameworks and methods to work with the self and navigate life with more personal power and harmony
  • Tangible sustainable shifts in the inner feeling state, personality, and life circumstances of participants, usually recognized by one’s circle of family and friends.
  • The opportunity to integrate your spiritual and psychological awareness into your body so that you can finally “become what you know”
  • Tangible change towards objectives in the area of life chosen for the personal project component
  • Year-long support and mentoring by the facilitator, yoga instructors, and a team of mentors (Self-Mastery Alumni)
  • 6 Coaching sessions by facilitator for each participant, to make sure they are able to process the inner content that’s revealed as the program progresses.
  • Access to online learning and discussion platform for continuous connection and reflection.
  • Priority access to all other Usha’s offerings throughout the program

The Self-Mastery Project I is the first of 3 Projects offered by Sacred Paths to achieve Usha’s core vision of helping people reconnect with their divine self and become a healing presence in the world.

It is the program that is seen as the foundation course for those with the calling to be healers and therapists. It will enable you to connect to all parts of yourself first and do deep inner work on all wounds that are carried so far away from your center, and introduce your body to physical discipline, in order for you to begin to be able to hold a healing space for others.

Once Project I is completed, you will be able to join Self-Mastery Project II: Teachers Training. It involves coaching, yoga training, process work and metaphysical studies to enable Project II graduates to become intuitive healers and be able to teach Self-Mastery Project I modules to others.

Upon completion of Project II, you will qualify to join Self-Mastery Project III: Transgenerational Healing Training. This project is  a highly specialized training to equip participants with the skills needed to become a therapist, and hold a therapy space for individuals and groups.  At this level, we will be working with a group of highly skilled individuals who are in a place of compassion to help others as a life goal.

Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in the Self-Mastery Project I 2023/2024. Please fill the form below as an expression of interest, and one of our team members will get back to you with full details on energy exchange details and application steps.