Sacred Paths

"It is the primary responsibility of every individual to heal, to reconnect with the Self and evolve into a healing presence" - Usha

A Personal Message from Usha

I am of the view that the greatest need on the planet today is for healing. The need for healing of the human heart and mind supersedes every other developmental need. Many may recognize this need, many may not recognize, but everyone requires it. The current state of the human condition speaks of this. Our collective reality has been consistently reflecting to us rising levels of chaos, turbulence, pandemics, uncertainty, challenge – catastrophes in nature and in human experience. It is the primary responsibility of every individual to heal oneself and evolve into a healing presence so that one may enable the same for others. But what is healing, really?

From working with thousands of people over more than 2 decades, and from observing my own journey of healing and integration, I am able to see that there seems to be a huge gap between the identity that we hold as humans and our identity as a being of higher consciousness – a gap between the human self and the Divine self. This gap has widened to the point that it has become inconceivable for most human beings to even imagine that within this human form resides a Divine Presence. The journey of the human being through the course of life is to dissolve the layers of separation until the Divine within each one of us comes through and becomes available for oneself and for all of Life on this Earth.

This dissolution of separation requires an inward journey, with dedication, devotion, and patience, working with and through all that has accumulated as residues from life experiences, clearing the inner clutter and toxicity, until the light begins to shine through from within. This is healing. It is the process of bridging the gap between our current identity and the unlimited unimaginable resources of the Divine that is inherent and natural and present in all of creation.

Through my many years of practice as an intuitive healer, teacher and coach, and above all a dedicated student for life, I have come to realize that there are certain ways of being and doing, which allow us to start walking towards bridging the gap with this Divine Self. These practices that I have curated are drawn from ancient wisdom, and are time tested, and have been proven to offer itself in this endeavor to restore wholeness to the being.

Sacred Paths is a space where this exploration and re-connection is enabled, and where restoration of holistic health is possible. The seed thought from which Sacred Paths was born came from an impassioned  burning desire to alleviate the suffering that surfaced during COVID times back in 2020. I went into a period of contemplation and reflection, in touch with many questions about the reality I and all of humanity was facing – this mass phenomenon that was playing out across the globe. This process  led me to certain insights and realizations.

To me, mass scale ‘apathy’ – absence of kinship and compassion – leading to ‘despair’ – utter hopelessness and meaninglessness of life – stood before my eyes as a malaise that  afflicted all of humankind making life on Earth ‘unlivable!’ This was a view that was in resonance, and I found quite relatable, to the kind of human stories I had been consistently encountering in my healing practice. Basic qualities of being human – kindness, empathy, camaraderie, accessibility to internal resources – were missing in the lives of people across nations and cultures.

This was the loudest and clearest voice shouting out for my attention – the need to become aware of the Divine Self inherent in each one of us and the need to restore that connection through  concerted human effort. This realization was stark.

I recognized this to be my life’s calling – a calling for a deeper healing! A call to create a healing space that could respond to embodied pain carried by all of humankind. All the work that I had been doing for over two decades through my own practices based on contemporary and ancient knowledge systems – the study and understanding of Consciousness and principles of life therein; the cumulative experience of working with thousands of individuals in pain through personal  and  ancestral healing sessions – would be redirected and deployed in the service of fellow humans.

Re-establishing the connection with one’s internal resources of strength, power, wisdom and compassion needed to lead healthy and wholesome lives is my purpose of Being.

Sacred Paths was born out of a sense of responsibility to deliver this antidote to apathy and despair. A deliberate conscious effort to journey down multiple sacred paths, to enable the exploration of the mind and bring meaning fulfillment and holistic health to one’s experiment with life.

The Sacred Paths of reconnection and spiritual exploration for empowerment are four: Energy Healing Path; Process Work Path, the Path of Yoga (as espoused by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras), and the Ancestral Healing Path. By journeying inward and healing along these paths, one would be drawing from infinite power of the Divine as one source of life, and from the love and wisdom and blessings of the ancestors as the other source.

Everything that I teach, and all that Sacred Paths offers through me personally or through the students who have undergone years of training and practice with me, is not new knowledge. We are restoring, and offering through our own unique design and structure, ancient philosophies and practices that have gathered validity and proof across geographies, cultures and time: tapping into the divine for guidance and life support; taking in the grace and blessings of one’s ancestors to support health and success; taking care of one’s vibrational energy to create a more favorable experience; paying attention to the power of mind processes and content; and ensuring the body is included as a key part of the quest for health and wellbeing.

I welcome you to join us and take a walk with us down the Sacred Paths to your own inner power. We pride ourselves for doing this work with an attitude of deep reverence, and with a commitment to continued support through nurturing a growing community of inner work students and seekers.




Wishing you an immensely rewarding journey.