Sacred Paths

"Life is the journey from the human self to the Divine Self. This is healing." - Usha


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Self-Mastery Project 1

Starting on April 25th, 2023


Self-Mastery Project 2

Starting on April 5th, 2023


Upcoming Transgenerational Healing Workshop

Starting on Jan, Fab & March

Project 1

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Project 2

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What Is Sacred Paths

Sacred Paths is a space of spiritual healing and learning journeys leading to reunion with your Divine Self, so that it is reflected outwards in your context.

Such a healing and empowering reunion can only happen by going inwards, in a safe and nurturing space, seeking to see and listen within, become present to the blocks that hinder a free and full flow of prana – life force energy – and through that process enable’s one’s transformation 

You have within you the power to manifest a whole and healthy life now, and we are here to guide you through sacred paths, curated by Usha from decades of studies, training, healing, and above all as a practitioner of these paths rooted in ancient wisdom, towards this end.

Our promise is to facilitate your journeys inward, guiding you as you clear your baggage on all levels of your being, releasing your creative and wellbeing potential.

One empowered human at a time, our aim is to keep creating a healing presence in our world where we see that healing and reclaiming our inherent wholeness is the need that supersedes all needs.

What are the Sacred Paths

These paths and the practices of inward journey is our offering

The energy work path

Learning through practice the science and application of life-force energy in everyday life for healing and energizing self and others – creating a positive energy field and becoming a healing presence.

The 8-fold yoga path

The praxis of yoga as espoused by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras and taught by Acharya Sri Krishnamacharya– a combination of external and internal self-work towards creating a healthy mind and therefore a healthy body.

Process work path – processing the contents of our mind

The practice of ‘seeing’ and ‘deep listening’ in order to process the contents of the mind and thereby dissolve blocks and release limiting patterns to redirect the flow of energy towards greater fulfillment and joy.

Ancestral healing and blessings path

Exploring ancestral energy inheritance, acknowledging the powerful gifts received from them, and releasing inherited inter-generational trauma.

Why ‘Sacred ’?

Self-exploration is the primary responsibility of being human. It is to be embarked upon with an attitude of reverence and in a space that holds it
with sanctity. We commit to walking down these paths with our co-travellers, witnessing their processes and holding space for their transformation. Once the engagement is over, the connection is not lost. Each recipient of teachings and healings is invited to be a member in an empowering community that helps them keep their journey within alive and continually unfolding with riches and positive change.

Who We Are

Created and directed by Usha, Sacred Paths is powered by a group of healers, teachers and coaches, a family of inner workers, who share the same vision, and who are:

  • Intensively trained by Usha over the years.
  • Experienced in deep inner work.
  • Like-minded in their view of life as flowing inside out.
  • Like-hearted in their passion for empowerment and reduction of suffering on the planet.

About Usha

Anuradha Ramesh a.k.a Usha is the founder of Sacred Paths, previously known in India through Pink Mist Retreat and, a center for wellbeing and healing in Hyderabad, India. She is also co-founder of Mischkat, the sister entity of Sacred Paths in Dubai, UAE.

She is the curator of the Self-Mastery Project 1, a year-long system of inner work that has graduated 7 cohorts in India and UAE over the past years. She is also widely known for her Transgenerational Healing workshops, a unique modality that utilizes principles of family constellation to identify and dissolve energy entanglements in family systems, up to 7 generations back.

Usha has been offering workshops and persona sessions in several countries across the globe including Australia, United States of America, Philippines, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Lebanon.

Current Offerings

Self-Mastery Project 1

A full-year training program in methods of inner-work. Students learn about all 4 Sacred Paths in the inner journey, and how to go about them to reach a place of inner power in one’s reality.

Self-Mastery Project 2

A 1.5 years intensive training program along the 4 Sacred Paths, with a much stronger focus on yoga, intuitive healing and coaching competencies in order to build the healer within each participant.

Transgenerational Healing Workshop

A 3-day group healing process, based on principles from family constellation therapy, to identify and dissolve the entanglements blocking the flow of ancestral life force energy from reaching one’s life, and healing.

Reiki Classes for

Reiki masters who have graduated from Self-Mastery Project 1 and 2 with Usha hold Reiki classes to empower the youth and raise their vibrational levels to enable their highest potentials.

One on One Healing

Intuitive healing sessions offered by Usha and her intensively trained students and partners, and Reiki healing packages.

Personalized Yoga

Yoga practice as a holistic science, from a well-founded theoretical basis, based on 100-year old tradition pioneered by renowned yoga master Krishnamacharaya.